Bühler follows international standards of corporate governance

Bühler follows international standards of corporate governance. We base our corporate governance activities on the principles of the Swiss Code of Best Practice – a useful instrument for clearly defining internal powers and responsibilities and optimally designing the interaction between the Board of Directors, the Executive Board, and the Internal Audit Group.


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As a non-listed, family-owned, but economically significant company, Bühler has decided to pay special attention to the design of its corporate governance. As a consequence, Bühler’s corporate governance goes far beyond the statutory requirements of Swiss corporate law and incorporates, to a great extent, the recommendations contained in the “Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance” issued by economiesuisse.

Bühler's Articles of Incorporation set material parameters of the corporate governance system. The Articles of Incorporation are complemented by Bühler's Organizational Regulations, which further specify the responsibilities, competencies, and regulations of the governing bodies of the company. Unless prescribed by law or the Articles of Incorporation, the management is delegated by the Board of Directors, with the power to subdelegate to the Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Board, and its members. Separate charters specify the organization of the Nomination and Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee.

The Board of Directors has also issued a regulation governing the cooperation between the Board of Directors, the CEO / Executive Board, and the Urs Bühler Innovation Fund.

Bühler remains a family-owned company

In 2014, Urs Bühler transferred his shares in Bühler to his three daughters, Karin, Maya, and Jeannine Bühler, each of whom now owns a third of the company. For the three sisters, continuity is the top priority, as they want to build on the strengths and values of Bühler. They continue to maintain optimal general conditions for the company to operate in: a stable shareholder structure, a long-term orientation, steady company management that is not subject to the constraints of quarterly reporting  but nevertheless a management style pursuing business success. The three owners are represented on the Board of Directors and have a clear and unified voice in relation to the company.

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