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Grains & Food

We want everyone to have access to healthy food. Although the technologies, process solutions, and applications of Grains & Food may be diverse, they share the same focus − quality and safety. We provide solutions for the processing of grains, pulses, rice, corn, cocoa, nuts, and coffee beans, to name but a few. Bühler's customers supply foods to more than 2 billion people every day. We want there to be enough food for everyone, and we want to reduce food waste. We want to conserve energy and water, and we want to help reduce the need for sugar and fat in food to address overnutrition and obesity.

Grain Quality & Supply offers safe cleaning, storage, and transport solutions for raw materials and solutions for the processing of grains into malt for beer. Milling Solutions combines the optimum grinding and processing of grains and pulses with the highest hygienic standards. Consumer Foods enables confectionery manufacturers to efficiently produce high-quality end products. Value Nutrition allows energy-efficient and safe production of pasta, breakfast cereals, and animal feed via extrusion, drying, and feed mills. The newly established Digital Technologies business area uses optical sorting and cloud-based monitoring solutions to ensure that contaminants are removed during processing and the safety of food and feed is documented.

All business areas offer integrated process solutions for value-added chains from a single source: from green coffee or cocoa beans and harvested grain to roast and ground coffee, chocolate bars, pralines, flour, noodles, dough, or animal feed. This portfolio is complemented by a global network of service, training, and application centers for our customers around the world. Our training offering helps customers to operate Bühler systems optimally to achieve maximum yield and reduced downtime.

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Business Areas Grains & Food

Grain quality

Grain Quality & Supply

Bühler Grain Quality& Supply delivers high quality and safe solutions for grains, malting and brewery, and rice. Is aim is to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and reduce food loss.

Value nutrition

Value Nutrition

Bühler Value Nutrition is the global solution and technology partner for producers of animal feed, pasta and noodles, vegetable oil, cereals and snacks, and pet food.

Consumer foods

Consumer Foods

Bühler Consumer Foods offers innovative solutions for the processing of cocoa, nuts and coffee as well as the manufacturing of chocolate, bakery products and various bars.

Milling solutions

Milling Solutions

Bühler Milling Solutions delivers state-of-the-art process technology for transforming raw materials such as soft wheat, durum, rye, and maize into high-grade flour and semolina products.

Digital technologies

Digital Technologies

Bühler Digital Technologies provides sorting machines, industrial measuring machines, sensors, control systems and driven service products for the food and non-food processing industries.

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Advanced Materials

We want to contribute to protecting the climate through the use of energy-efficient vehicles, machines, and buildings – and this leitmotif plays an important role in the technologies, process solutions, and applications of Advanced Materials. Lightweight aluminum or magnesium parts – manufactured on die-casting cells – reduce fuel consumption. Vacuum-coated architectural glass for facades – produced on Leybold Optics equipment – makes buildings more energy-efficient. Battery slurry – manufactured on equipment from Grinding & Dispersing – increases the range of electric vehicles.

The range of applications the customers of the three business areas serve is virtually endless: finely ground pigments for paints, printing inks, cosmetics, coatings for sensors, lenses, camera lenses, smartphone screens, precision optics, packaging, engine blocks, oil pans, gear housings, structural parts, and more.

The markets are extremely diverse, but Advanced Materials has one constant factor: mobility. The segment generates around 60% of its sales from the automotive industry.

There are also similarities between the business areas in terms of technology. It always comes down to the most precise material processing with the highest level of reliability and reproducibility under industrial conditions.

Bühler manufactures high-precision die-casting cells. Its vacuum-coating systems deposit thin films on glass and plastic on a scale measured in nanometers. And wet milling produces dispersions of pigments and particles that are also on a nanometer scale. The business areas not only supply the machines and systems to do this, but also the process expertise – including a worldwide network for training, consulting, and services.

Business Areas Advanced Materials

Die casting

Die Casting

Bühler Die Casting is the global technology partner for all die casting needs and supports its customers in all phases of their investment.

Leybold optics

Leybold Optics

Bühler Leybold Optics is the specialist for the state-of-the-art development and manufacturing of vacuum deposition equipment.

Grinders & dispensers

Grinding & Dispersing

Bühler Grinding & Dispersing offers future-oriented technology and tailor-made solutions for wet grinding and dispersing processes.

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