Digital solutions will help us  and our customers  improve quality, reduce waste, energy, and downtime. We currently have over 50 digital services in development.

The opportunities offered by digitalization enable us to help customers reach new levels of productivity. Digital solutions can help customers cut their energy use and drive down their carbon footprint while also achieving significant cost savings via improved quality, increased differentiation, and reduced downtime, among others. Machines today no longer "merely" produce goods, but also produce valuable data that can revolutionize business. We view digitalization as an enabler for positive progress. With our profound machine and process knowledge, we can offer digital solutions to our customers that go beyond machinery.

Among the wide range of digital innovations we've launched in 2017 is TotalSense, which uses digital technology to enable rice producers to analyze their yield whenever they need to and get a detailed report anywhere in less than two minutes. The purely digital solution is portable and low-cost and a perfect example of Bühler's approach to digitalization.

At Networking Days @ Interpack 2017, we launched several digital innovations, including ChocoGenius - an anytime, anywhere web-based training service to train chocolate line operators. We also released the Smart Chocolate Factory, a self-optimizing digital service for dosing, mixing, refining, and conching lines. It's a digital factory that helps customers achieve a 10% reduction in operating costs and a 10% increase in performance. Another example is AeroPro Moisture Control, which enables clients to closely monitor moisture content in their production processes to ensure optimum end results via sensor technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-based storage architecture. The intelligent drying solution with real-time, continuous moisture management improves not only quality, but also the bottom line. Bühler estimates that through this intelligent moisture control, every 1% of moisture gain in a typical feed dryer operation is equivalent to a annual saving of USD 300,000.

IoT technology enables clients to remotely access critical production data practically in real time, and so make crucial decisions about machine performance, tolerance levels, and sorting criteria to ensure optimum production. This year saw Bühler launch AnywarePro, which is designed to take complex analysis data produced by an optical sorter and transmit it to whoever needs it, anywhere in the world. That key data provides information to optimize production. It also allows engineers to diagnose and solve system malfunctions remotely, dramatically cutting wasteful downtime.

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