We contribute to making cars lighter with our die-casting systems, and electric vehicles more energy efficient with our new electrode slurry solution.

Nowhere are the sustainability pressures facing the planet more acutely visible than on our roads. As populations and wealth grow in emerging economies, so does the demand for cars. Transport now accounts for 13% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 75% of which comes from road traffic. As demand increases, so does the need for clean, efficient mobility solutions, with China now the world's fastest-growing market for electric cars. In 2017 around 800,000 electric vehicles were sold there, a number that's expected to reach 5 million by 2020, with global sales predicted to reach the 60 million mark a decade later.

Bühler is playing a key role, having developed a unique continuous mixing process to produce a key component in batteries: the electrode slurry for the positive and negative poles in the battery. With this, the industry is able to enhance the production of batteries and their energy density. With the opening of the Lishen plant in Suzhou, Bühler was able to demonstrate the industrial scalability of this new technology. Our traditional die-casting methods are also in great demand, allowing the lightweight design of engine blocks and structural components and so cutting fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With a 10% reduction in weight delivering as much as an 8% improvement in fuel efficiency, the benefits for the planet and the bottom line are potentially immense.

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